I offer services including techno-economic assessment, life cycle assessment, and custom requests to organizations working on carbon removal and decarbonization.

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Techno-Economic Assessment (TEA)

When you are commercializing or investing in a technology, understanding its current and projected costs is fundamentally important. This is especially the case for emerging technological carbon removal pathways and clean technologies that are competing with optimized processes already operating at scale.

I can work with you to build or review a techno-economic assessment for any process or product to help:

  • Identify cost breakdowns and key drivers;
  • Create recommendations for effective cost reduction;
  • Develop cost and RD&D targets;
  • Meet requirements for funders;
  • Conduct due diligence;
  • Inform academic or industrial research; and
  • Begin important dialogues about cost at your company.

Specific deliverables might include an Excel-based TEA model, graphics showing cost breakdowns or sensitivity analysis, a presentation deck summarizing conclusions, an oral presentation, and/or a report. I can also develop a cost curve for your technology that shows expected cost reductions over time or at different scales. Cost curves often include brief explanations or show potential markets that become accessible at different cost targets.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Understanding the current and projected greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions performance of a new clean technology is fundamental to calculating and strategically improving its potential climate impact. I can work with you to develop an LCA for your technology that calculates net GHG emissions and uncovers effective GHG reduction strategies. I can also review existing LCA models to offer feedback and potentially an endorsement letter once the model is perfected.

Specific deliverables might include an Excel-based LCA model, graphics showing emissions breakdowns or sensitivity analysis, a presentation deck summarizing conclusions, an oral presentation, and/or a report. This can be a standalone service or combined with TEA. If you choose the latter, I can calculate the cost per ton of CO2 removed or the cost per ton of CO2-equivalent abated (also known as the levelized cost of carbon abatement) for your technology. These metrics allow for better comparisons with other carbon removal or decarbonization pathways.

Custom Requests

If you have a special request or idea that you would like to discuss, please get in touch! Custom projects could involve performing market research, assisting with due diligence, conducting a literature review, writing a custom report, investigating social impacts, evaluating a new venture idea, or something else entirely.

Services Not Offered

Currently, Carbon-Based Consulting LLC does not offer chemical or mechanical engineering services, complex process modeling, project finance modeling, project development, or ISO-certified organizational greenhouse gas accounting.

If you need these services, I may be able to recommend other consultancies. I also have experience working with other consultants to accomplish larger and more complex projects.

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